New Designs of Automobile Fire Apparatus.

Issue 4 and Volume 45.

New Designs of Automobile Fire Apparatus. At the automobile show in Madison Square Garden last week an attractive display of new designs in automobiles was made by the Knox Automobile company, of Springfield. The fire apparatus end of The exhibit, which was in charge of C. N. Perkins, brought together a large number of interested spectators, among whom were many chiefs and others connected with the fireservice from all parts of the country. The two pieces of modern automobile fire apparatus shown are the latest product of the Knox company. The automobile combination wagon is a fine specimen of work. Except in the matter of propulsion, it differs little in appearance from the regular combination wagons now being used. It is a 40horse-power machine equiped with two 30-gal. chemical tanks, and has a capacity for 1,000 ft. of 2)4-in hose. Ample room is provided fot eight men, besides the driver.…

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