Issue 4 and Volume 45.

COMBUSTION AND ITS PREVENTION Without combustion there would be neither life nor living. It is combustion in the shape of light—to put it colloquially, the heat and brightness sent out front a ball of fire in the heavens— that gives us that light and keeps all things earthly alive. It is by flameless combustion that the body’s heat is maintained, and combustion is the great motive power in the world. So thoroughly was this recognised in the beginning that fire was anciently regarded as an element and was (as in the Orient it still is) worshiped as a god. Combustion, however, as commonly accepted, and as relates to the fire service, is the outward and visible sign of heat, either latent or applied, from without, and is evidenced at least by a distinct rise in temperature and by flames, generally accompanied by smoke, the latter depending for its amount on…

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