Fire Statistics From Waltham.

Issue 4 and Volume 45.

Fire Statistics From Waltham. During the past year the fire department of Waltham, Mass., turned out for 164 alarms (2 second and 1 third) and fires, of which 44 fires were in dwellings, 12 in stores, 5 in stables, 9 chimney, 46 brush or grain, 21 miscellaneous. The total insurance involved was $265,150, of which only $46,450 was on contents ;loss on buildings, $4,007; in buildings, $10,438.02—total, $14,446.22; insurance paid on buildings, $10,363, on contents $3,433—total, $13,796; loss above insurance paid, $650. There was exuended on hose the sum of $250; in service are 11,000 ft. of 2¾-⅛. and 500 of chemical. The equipment is as follows: Steamers, two; chemical engine, hook and ladder truck, aerial truck, combination chemical and hose wagon; hose wagons, 4: hose reel, chief’s wagon, supply wagon, supply pung, exercise wagons, 2. In reserve is a hose wagon There are 25 horses in service. The manual…

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