A New Haven Residence Fire.

Issue 4 and Volume 45.

A New Haven Residence Fire. On January 13 an early morning fire completely destroyed the residence of Samuel Higgins, general manager of the New York, New Haven & Hartford railroad. Owing to poor water-pressure, as a result of which the streams from the nozzles of the hose did not rise much above the first story, the firemen were greatly handicapped. To supplement their work buckets were brought into play and the roofs and sides of adjacent and nearby buildings, which were threatened, were kept wet down. Despite these efforts, however, an adjoining house took fire, the flames being extinguished with some difficulty. Two or three other residences were threatened by the heavv downpour of sparks. Mr. Higgins said he believed the fire was due to rats which had found some matches. He says the heating apparatus was well protected, being encased with brick, while the pipes were covered with asbestos.…

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