Congratulations to New York Fire Force.

Issue 4 and Volume 45.

Congratulations to New York Fire Force. Fire Commissioner Nicholas J. Hayes, of New York, in a letter to Mayor McClellan on the subiect of the triple visitation of fires on the night of January 7, in lower Manhattan, points out that “probably never before, since the establishment in the city of the paid fire department, has it been brought face to face with the conditions that last night confronted it, and never before has it had opportunity to signally and so effectively to demonstrate its resourcefulness and its capacity for meeting an emergency. * * * It is but an illustration of the effectiveness of the organisation of the uniformed force, and of its high state of efficiency, that, notwithstanding the fact that companies were called from many other sections of the borough of Manhattan to light these fires, no part of the borough was left unprotected, companies from farther…

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