Anderson City Well Protected.

Issue 4 and Volume 45.

Anderson City Well Protected. Just at present Anderson City, Ind., is fairly well protected by four fire stations, all well equiped. This protection, however, could be bettered by the addition of more men to care for the suburbs, by the substitution of a more modern hook and ladder truck for the 16-year-old machine now doing duty at the central station, and the purchase of a fire engine, as too much dependence is placed upon hydrant pressure. That the city has been so free from destructive fifes is due to the early discovery of incipient fires, the prompt transmission of alarms, and the efficiencv of the force under the command of Chief Charles G. Alford. The prevention of fire would be better looked after by taking care that none but fire-resistant buildings should be erected in future and that, wherever possible, the old style buildings should be remodeled in the same…

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