An Old Manhattan Landmark Gone.

Issue 4 and Volume 45.

An Old Manhattan Landmark Gone. On January 19, owing, it is said, to a fire alarm box not acting when pulled, the 5-story brick building at Whitehall street, just off Bowling Green, Manhattan, New York, occupied by Jacob Lawson, together with that of 3 stories at No. 42, was dstroyed by a fire that caused possibly fatal injuries to an old scrubwoman employed at No. 42, and less serious hurts to a fireman. The fire started on the second floor of No. 40 and extended to No. 42, till recently occupied by Robert Parkinson, causing a loss of $10,000. The burned building at No. 42 was one of the oldest left in lower Manhattan, and for three generations had been occupied by Parkinson’s tavern. It was a wellknown city landmark, and, according to tradition, had been the boyhood’s home of Robert Fulton. For many years the upper floors were used…

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