Curious Cause of Fire.

Issue 4 and Volume 45.

Curious Cause of Fire. A fire, which might have proved destructive, started from a curious cause in the Everett Mills, cotton Mill, Lawrence, Mass. One of the watchmen was making his rounds, and at about 4.40 a. m. he climbed a ladder to turn on a valve in the steam pipe in the carding room on the fourth floor of No. 3 mill extension. The ladder broke, and the watchman fell, badly injuring his face against the wall or floor. He dropped his lantern and was so dazed by his injury that he could not find it; but, regaining his senses, he went as quickly as he could to the w’atchroom and reported his fall. After he had been cared for, the yard watchman started to complete the round. Upon reaching the fifth floor of No. 3 mill extension he found the room full of smoke. He searched the room…

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