Report of Springfield Waterworks.

Issue 5 and Volume 45.

Report of Springfield Waterworks. The report of the committee of the National Board of Underwriters on Springfield, Ill., so far as regards the protection ot that city by water is as follows: Waterworks owned and operated by the municipality. Organisation and management only fairly efficient, due to political influences. Supply pumped from Sangamon river direct to the distribution system with no storage. Pumping station non-fireproof, with moderate exposures and deficient protection. Pumping capacity and force mains entirely inadequate to insure properly even continuous domestic supply, and no provision for that required for fire protection. Present reservoir not used and of trifling value. Consumption high: meters little used. Pressures throughout the city light, and subject to serious drop on slight increase in mains. The distribution system extremely weak. Seventy-six per cent, of mains are 6 in. or less in diameter, poorly gridironed. and dead ends frequent. Gate-valves in fair to good…

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