Waste of Water at Johnstown.

Issue 5 and Volume 45.

Waste of Water at Johnstown. Johnstown, Pa., suffered severely during the recent period of drought and has not yet recovered. A correspondent writes that the difficulty will not be removed till the cause is removed. That cause lies in the criminal waste of water which has always been the besetting sin of the city. The local water company, however, is determined to put it down, and will institute some means of detecting those who deliberately waste the supply either by letting their faucets run to guard against frozen pipes or in any other way. It is quite on the cards that in the near future the waterworks company will install meters universally—certainly in the houses of those who waste water in any way, as well as on the premises of saloon keepers and all large consumers and in all public places where water is used. The waterworks officials declare that…

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