Issue 6 and Volume 45.

THE LATEST FIRE DEPARTMENT ITEMS The Riverside, Ind., town board has ap pointed Stephen Norris fire chief. Seven stores and four warehouses burned in the non-fire-protected, wooden town of Martin, Miss. The blaze, which started in an hotel, cost $60,000. Henry Vansickle, his son, daughter and son-inlaw were burned to death in an early morning fire which destroyed the Vansickle home near Lynden, Out. The Waterloo, la., fire department, under Chief A. A. Dunham, answered eighty-eight alarms in 1908, with a loss of $16,025. This was a very good showing. With the completion of the new waterworks system of Springfield, Mass., in October, the city will maintain a gravity pressure throughout of 120 lbs. to the sq. in. W ith the thermometer registering 25° below zero, the firemen of Scribner, Out., had a hard fight with a night lire that wiped out a division point on the Canadian Pacific railway.…

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