New Water Supply For San Francisco.

Issue 6 and Volume 45.

New Water Supply For San Francisco. The vital question for San Franciscans is not one of aestheticism but of their adequate protection from fire, of whose disastrous effects they have had the direct experience. But, just so long as the Spring Valley Water company enjoys the monopoly of supply San Francisco and the other bay cities with water, this anxiety over adequate fire protection will continue. The aggregate population of these cities is about 600,000, to which San Francisco contributes five-sixths. For such a population the existing sources of water supply arc altogether inadequate, and this trouble is added to by the fact that the supply and its sources are in the hands of a private company—the only one, except that other company that furnishes water to Oakland. Berkeley. Alameda, and others. In order to obtain possession of the systems of these companies San Francisco is willing to pay a…

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