Improvements In Asbury Park.

Issue 6 and Volume 45.

Improvements In Asbury Park. During the past year the consumption at Asbury Park was 616,986 gal. The water rates amounted to $26,670.80, and the total receipts to $26,844.80; the expenses to $26,459.89. In the beach buildings the consumption of water increased 53 per cent. The water used was valued at $1,474.35, as against $964.25 in 1907. This was only for water for the power plant and toilets, as tenants are separately metered, and pay only for what they consume, and the public drinking fountains are not metered. It seems unfair that other consumers should be metered, while the beach is allowed to use or waste 7,500,000 gal.—3 per cent, of all the water pumped and over 5 per cent, of cash receipts—without paying for it. Free water breeds waste, and the public commission should pay for water, if only at a reduced rate, as the water board has to pay…

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