Some Causes Of Fires In Mills From Friction.

Issue 6 and Volume 45.

Some Causes Of Fires In Mills From Friction. A fire which recently occurred in a mill was caused by the worn condition of the bearing in a loose wheel on a shaft, a drawing of which is given in figure 1. The fast and the loose pulley had been on it for some time, and the loose wheel gradually wore an indenture in the shaft, resulting in the creation of a rough place. As time passed, and as the belt continued to drive the wheel, the frictional binding heated the parts, and the defective wear in the hub made the wheel tilt, as at A. In order to relieve this condition, the workmen at times would throw off the belt and let the wheel cool down. It finally happened, however, that the belt was allowed to remain on the wheel, which was then permitted to run, although it had become…

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