Improved Fire Protection at Knoxville.

Issue 6 and Volume 45.

Improved Fire Protection at Knoxville. During the past year Knoxville, Tenn., has greatly improved fire protection, and now Chief Sam. B. Boyd will feel more at his ease, but not entirely so till he sees the following recommendations carried out : Placing the extra engine in service—this would make five engine companies in service at all times; the erection of a standpipe, so as to furnish sufficient pressure at North Knoxville, and the addition of 4,300 ft. of hose so as to have at least 11,800 ft. of really reliable hose. The betterments made, exclusive of those in the waterworks system included the following: First-size Metropolitan engine, rubbertired; double 50-gal. chemical engine, rubbertired; wagon with Glazier deck-pipe, 2,000 ft. of standard hose; Hale water tower; additional horses and harness. A new firehouse is being built; the addition to the North Knoxville firehouse has been contracted for; and 24 men are…

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