Issue 6 and Volume 45.

CORRESPONDENCE. HIGH-PRESSURE SYSTEMS AND FIRE ENGINES. To FIRK AND WATER ENGINEERING: I am a resident of New York for only a few months. By birth I am a Philadelphian and, therefore, perhaps, somewhat slow in grasping New York ideas. In my native city, however, there is a fire department which, possibly through prejudice or ignorance, on the part of the citizens—we consider to be at least the equal of that of New York city, as well officered and as well equipped—much better, if the facilities for sending alarms are taken into account. Like New York, we have a high-pressure auxiliary system, which considerably antedates that of the greater and more “go-ahead” city; but, unlike New York, at no fire within the limits of that system is implicit trust placed upon it, or the help of the engines discounted. At every fire in the territory where high-pressure mains are laid, engines…

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