Issue 6 and Volume 45.

WATER RATES CRESTON, IA. Bakeries.—Average, $10. Blacksmith shop, $2-$3. Barber shop.—First chair, $4; each additional chair, $2. Bathtub, private, $2; Bathtub, public, $8-$12. Banks, including washbasin, $5. Building Purposes.—Brick work, tempering and wetting brick per 1,000, kiln count, 5 cents; tempering motar only, per M, 2 cents; making mortar, per M, 50 cents; stone work, making mortar, per perch, 16^2 cu. ft., 5 cents; tempering motar, per perch, 2 cents; concrete, per cu. yd., 15 cents; plastering, 2 coats, per 100 sq. yds., 10 cents; making motar, 3 coats, per 100 sq. yds., 15 cents. Butcher Shops.—$5-$10. Billiard, Bar, and Drinking Saloon.—$5-$10. Cow, Pig, etc.—$1. Cigar Fcty.—$5-$8. Cisterns.—Filling private, each time, 75 cents. Drug Store.—$5-$8. Laundry.—$8.25. Dray and Team.—$2.50. Dyeing and Scouring Establishments.—$8-$12. Eatinghouses, Restaurants, etc.—$5-$10. Foundries and Machine Shops.—$10. Fountains.—Not exceeding flow of 6 hours per day, ⅛-in. orifice, $6; 3-16-in. orifice, $10. Hotels or Boardinghouses.—10 rooms or less,…

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