New Jersey Fire News.

Issue 6 and Volume 45.

New Jersey Fire News. Fire Commissioner Thomas E. Burke, of Newark, has been unanimously elected president of that city’s fire board. Before the old board met for the last time, its members presented Commissioner Burke with a very handsome cutglass punchbowl and service. He had filled the same position in 1907. Fire Commissioner Gnichtel uas presented at the same time with a beautiful palm. His retirement was gracefully alluded to. The new members of the board are Messrs. Stratton and Lagay. Under the terms of a new act the new members will serve for only two years, instead of four, as in past years. The board has added to its list of committees one on theatres, schools and public halls. Commissioner Weber is first on the list of the committee on applications, appointments and transfers.—Newarkhad a bad and fatal fire on January 28. which practically ruined the home of Philip…

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