Pollution of Water.

Issue 6 and Volume 45.

Pollution of Water. Poisoning the wells or streams, although once practised in warfare, was never regarded otherwise than as an act unworthy of a brave foe—as something that savored of savagery and treachery. And although in the light of the twentieth century it would be regarded as nothing short of downright and wholesale murder, yet for many generations the practice has been rampant in every country, and it is only now that the iniquity of polluting streams and other sources of water supply by sewage, manufacturing, chemical and mining wastes is beginning to be realised. John Ruskin, in his “Foes Clavigera,” made it one of his chief indictments against Great Britain that, by consenting to or ignoring the discharge of tilth and refuse into her rivers and brooks, she had consented to their theft by Trade, lie viewed tlie matter from an esthetic standpoint, and so it continued till he…

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