Water Contract at Pawtucket.

Issue 8 and Volume 45.

Water Contract at Pawtucket. A contract has been signed at Pawtucket, R. I., for furnishing the Watclnmoket fire district with water, for a term of years. This contract provides that the minimum charge for 1,000 gal. shall be In cents, instead of 6, 7 and 8 cents, as was provided in the preceding contract. It also provides that the Fast Providence fire district shall maintain not less than sixty-four fire hydrants during the term of the life of the contract. With the exception of these changes, the contract is practically the same as that which has been in existence for the past nine years. The agreement under which the parties concerned have been working would not expire until May 1, 1910; but it was desired to have a new agreement, and, as it was not possible for the present city council to authorise the signing of a contract which would…

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