Strong Firemen Needed For High Pressure Work

Issue 8 and Volume 45.

Strong Firemen Needed For High Pressure Work In a weekly contemporary alluding to the fact that for the future men of larger physique were needed in the New York city fire department, to handle hose-nozzles where the high-pressure system has been installed, the following story is told by one who had had experience as a fireman : “A number of years ago some Boston inspectors were testing out the pressure and distribution from the hose attached to the standpipes on the top of a local theatre. It was a good job for two of us. both fairly husky, to hold and guide the nozzle. After playing the stream in different directions for ten or fifteen minutes the supply was turned off. About this time an ‘engineer’ connected with one of the large agencies, interested in the risk, appeared on the roof and expressed great disappointment that he had missed the…

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