The Moving-Picture Hazard.

Issue 8 and Volume 45.

The Moving-Picture Hazard. There is no business, at least in the theatrical line, that has made greater strides in the past three years than the moving-picture show. It is also true that nothing of late years has given the insurance companies more concern than this business. The National code shows this in the stringent and necessary regulations governing the installation of these equipments. The rural districts and small towns in many states are overrun with these shows, many of which are a menace to the community, owing to the lack of observance of the rules of the National code. The writer has seen many of these shows where the code was utterly ignored; such places having machines in operation without magazines, booth or other approved mechanisms. Films were run off in a cotton sack, machine set up in the middle of the aisle and a redhot rheostat lying on a…

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