Water Department of Syracuse.

Issue 8 and Volume 45.

Water Department of Syracuse. The source of the gravity supply at Syracuse, N. Y„ is Skaneateles lake, a body of water 15 miles long, with an average width of 1 mile and greatest depth of 300 ft. It is located in 3 counties and has a watershed of 60.28 sq. miles. There are seven villages on that watershed, for whose regulation as to sanitary conditions the rules of the State department of health are for the future to be rigidly enforced. The intake pipe is located G,400 ft. from the north end of the lake, midway between the East and West side, the depth of the water at that point being 40 ft. At the last election the citizens voted a constitutional amendment, which will admit of a second conduit being laid from Skaneateles lake and the building of a high-service reservoir in the near future. The average monthly consumption…

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