An Effective Door-Opener.

Issue 8 and Volume 45.

An Effective Door-Opener. To have a well appointed fire station the first essentials are good door-springs and openers. Any fumbling in opening the doors may cause serious results, and, therefore, it ought to be the duty of every chief to see that in this apparently small matter his firehouses are equiped with reliable door-openers. The illustration herewith shows a very simple and inexpensive appliance for this purpose—one which cannot fail to appeal to the progressive head of a fire department. It is known as the AndersonHale fire-station door-opener, and its operation is now giving satisfaction in tlie numerous places where it is in use. Briefly stated, the principal points of excellence claimed for it are the following: The doors cannot sag,because supported in all positions; it gives a clear opening,because the doors fold back of the door jam; it only requires a small space to operate, as the doors fold…

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