Fatal Tenement House Fire.

Issue 10 and Volume 45.

Fatal Tenement House Fire. Early in the morning of Wednesday, March 3, ten lives were lost and several persons were injured in a fire which broke out in a 5-story tenement occupied almost entirely by Italians at No. 374 Seventh avenue, Manhattan. It was another Black Hand outrage directed against the occupant of the basement, who had received some time ago a threatening letter, which the police had apparently pooh-poohed at the time. The house was an old one and presented the usual tenement features. The accustomed kerosenesoaked rags were in evidence, and, as is so commonly the case, the flames ran up the airshaft and mushroomed at every floor. The stairways were quickly burned away for three floors, rendering escape by them impossible. There were no fire escapes in front, and only one in the rear, which was clogged with rubbish, and the incendiaries had nailed up the scuttle,…

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