Water Supply of Delaware.

Issue 10 and Volume 45.

Water Supply of Delaware. The Delaware, Ohio, Water company was organised in 1888, and begun business in 1889. It has a perpetual franchise, granted by Delaware to do business in that city. The system was constructed under laws, plans and specifications made and adopted by the city government, and the plant was completed and accepted by the city on October, 1889. For 20 years the company has furnished an abundant supply of water to all the inhabitants, and has two sources of supply: one from numerous driven wells—thirteen at the present time—and the other source from the Olentangv river, by filtration through natural gravel soil. The area of the filtration bed is 30 acres, with depth of 12 to 16 ft. gravel. There are two duplicate or independent systems of pumping, with pumps, engines and machinery for operating both, separately or together. There have never been any dividends paid on…

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