New Brunswick Waterworks.

Issue 10 and Volume 45.

New Brunswick Waterworks. The waterworks system of New Brunswick, N. J., was built by the city in 1876, the source of supply being Lawrence brook, the drainagearea of which is 43 sq. miles. The system was then, as it is now, pumping to a reservoir of 15,000,000 gal., situated 130 ft. above the pumps and with 2 basins, each 300 ft. sq. by 15 deep. The pumping machinery installed consisted of a Carr waterpower pump and two Worthington pumps. The former was of 2,000,000-gal. capacity, and was driven by a 54-in. American turbine; the latter were respectively of 2,400,000 and 3,-500,000-gal. capacity. The dam on the stream was built of stone, 15 ft. high and 184 ft. long, forming an impounding basin, which also furnished power to drive the turbine pump. The dam was rebuilt in 1886. Today the source of supply consists of five brooks and ponds, which are…

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