The Water Supply of Watertown.

Issue 10 and Volume 45.

The Water Supply of Watertown. Watertown, Mass., has a very successfully operated water department. It is constantly adopting improvements that tend toward the perfecting of the plant and the economical administration of the system. The installation of motors cannot be improved upon, and now every public and private service has been metered, as well as ten of the twenty-four standpipes. The consumption by manufacturers during the year amounted to 8,237,000 cu. ft.—28 per cent of the whole. The amount of water used in the various town buildings and the cemeteries was 242,900 cu. ft. in 1907 and 257,523 in 1908. At the standpipes the approximate consumption was 2.160,175 cu. ft. in 1907 and 2,122,800 in 1908. The water commissioners now expect that at no very distant date all the water used for public service—except for fire protection—will be paid for. During the year a 10-in. cast iron main was laid…

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