Issue 13 and Volume 45.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING According to a report from Secretary Probst, of the State board of health, the recent investigation of public water supply of Niles, Ohio, shows that it is at times badly polluted. This pollution is attributed to the introduction into the distribution system, to a greater or less extent, of the raw Mahoning river water, which, five miles above, at Warren, receives the untreated sewage of that city. An undue amount of intestinal sickness among the inhabitants is found. While most of the cases may not be typhoid fever, it is very likely that some of the sickness is caused by the contaminated water supply. At any rate, conditions which permit of the introduction of sewage-polluted river water into the mains should be remedied at the earliest possible moment. Steps should be taken at once to provide an adequate well water supply, and also machinery of sufficient…

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