Careless Smokers Fire Buildings.

Issue 13 and Volume 45.

Careless Smokers Fire Buildings. “The carelessness of smokers of tobacco in throwing away cigar stubs and emptying pipes set fire to about 2,000 buildings every year in the United States,” asserts the State, fire marshal of Ohio, W. S. Rogers. “Smokers become automatons in the details of their habit, preparing their cigar or pipe, striking a match and twirling its burning stick away unconsciously. Smoking in lied is less common iti the Western than in the Eastern States, if the number of fires from that cause is taken as the gauge. There is a great loss from hutting rubbish and trash gather in buildings. More than half of all the fires from spontaneous combustion start in rubbish. Nearly all fires caused by children playing with matches start in rubDh. mid so do most of the blazes from firecrackers.”

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