Fire Prevention.

Issue 13 and Volume 45.

Fire Prevention. The following set of hints on fire prevention is being circulated through Missouri by the Missouri Fire Prevention association: A large part of the fire-waste of this country is directly due to untidy conditions and other faults of management. A careful inspection of your entire premises daily will assist this office in bringing about a decrease in the fire-waste. Ashes should be kept in metal receptacles and never in paper or wooden barrels or boxes. Oily rags or waste should be kept in standard metal waste-cans and contents removed and burned each night. Rubbish should never be allowed to accumulate in buildings or near same. Spittoons should be made of metal and never contain sawdust or other combustible material. Gasoline, naphtha and other volatile oils should not be kept in building. Gas brackets should have rigid fixlures: where necessary to use swinging brackets, all exposed woodwork should be…

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