Denatured Alcohol.

Issue 14 and Volume 45.

Denatured Alcohol. The committee on special hazards appointed by the National Fire Protection association reports as follows on denatured alcohol: “The low grade kerosene required in the government formula may be ignored, in that it is no more hazardous than the wood alcohol, which latter constitutes the chief denaturant, so far as percentages are concerned. The hazard of denatured alcohol must be classed somewhere between ordinary alcohol and wood alcohol, and flashpoint tests, while indicating only one phase of the hazard, tend to show that denatured alcohol is nearer ordinary alcohol than *he more volatile wood alcohol. The committee hopes to make additional tests, in order if possible, to fix more definitely the hazard in comparison with the two types of alcohol. If. as it now appears, denatured alcohol is at least somewhat safer to use than wood alcohol, it would not seem necessary to advocate more stringent regulations than…

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