Chemical Engine Tests at Sullivan.

Issue 14 and Volume 45.

Chemical Engine Tests at Sullivan. The new chemical engine was delivered here and was taken direct to the engine quarters in the city building, where it has since been inspected and admired by several people. C. R. Raynes, a representative of the Kanawha Chemical Engine company, which manufactured it, made preparations for a practical test of the efficiency of the engine as a fire extinguisher. A small skeleton structure was erected on a vacant lot on South Washington street, and a crowd of several hundred people assembled to witness the test. The interior frame work of the building was filled with excelsior and then thoroughly saturated with coal oil. A match was applied, and in a very short time the entire interior was a mass of flame and burning fiercely. At this point the chemical was turned on, and in twenty-five seconds the fire had been entirely extinguished. Another test…

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