Issue 14 and Volume 45.

FIRE DEPARTMENT BIDS OPENED D. A. Woodhouse, general Eastern agent of the Nott Fire Engine company, has closed a contract with New York city for four thirdsize “Universal” counterbalanced Nott engines, equiped with Nott Spiral Water-tube boilers. This award makes seventeen Nott steam fire engines contracted for by the city of New York. The duplicate contract received from Norfolk, Va., covering a second-size “Universal” Nott engine, the same size as the one previously delivered some thirty days ago, was followed by another order for a first-size Nott spiral, water-tube boiler to be set in one of their engines. The United States Navy De partment has ordered twenty-four boilers of the same type, after exhaustive tests made, covering a number of patterns of water-tube boilers. These boilers will be used in the small craft connected with the large vessels. ANADARKO, OKLA. — Contracts have been awarded the American-La France Fire Engine…

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