New York’s New Water Board.

Issue 14 and Volume 45.

New York’s New Water Board. An Albany dispatch of March 3C says that “reorganisation of the Catskill board of water supply is provided in a hill introduced today by Assemblyman Bates, of New York. Largely increased powers are given to the president of the board, who, it is provided, must be an engineer who has been in responsible charge of large engineering works, whose salary is fixed at $20,000. The president is appointed hy the mayor of New York city; but, inasmuch as the Catskill water supply will be used by a number of up-State counties, as well as hy New York city, the appointment is made conditional upon the assent of the governor. A commission of five is to he appointed in ad dition to the president, two by the mayor, two hy the board of estimate and one by the governor, the latter to represent up State interests.…

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