Issue 14 and Volume 45.

WATERWORKS NEWS OF THE WEEK The Otisville, N. Y., reservoir will cost $20,-000. Antrim is spending $50,000 on a waterworks dam. Swanton, Ohio, will develop its public water supply. The water of Rock Springs, Wyo., is to be filtered. The Goliad, Tex., Water and Light company is dissolved. Fort Missoula, Mont., is installing a waterworks system. Electrically driven pumps will be installed at Fort Wayne, Ind. The Marblehead, Mass., filtration plant will cost $15,000. East Jordan, Mich., will have a $20,000 waterworks system. The capacity of the Hlack River Falls, Wis., reservoir will be 400,000 gal. The source of the water supply at Canastota, S. Dak., will be a driven well. At Spokane, Wash., 6-in. steel water mains are being laid on every street. Helton, Tex., has guarded against a possible breakdown by purchasing a large new boiler. The Brandon. Miss., Waterworks company has been incorporated, with a capital of…

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