Savannah Fire Department.

Issue 14 and Volume 45.

Savannah Fire Department. The Savannah, Ga., fire department has just had completed one of the most up-to-date and modern firehouses in the South, the cost of which exceeded $20,000. The new station is known as No. 7 and is located in the most southeastern part of the city, where such a station was badly needed. The erection of this house had been recommended by Chief Thomas Ballantyne, who also supervised its erection. The complement of the station con sists of an engine, hose wagon and combina tion truck, with 8 men. Foreman J. O’Lean being one of the best firefighters in the ser vice. Savannah can really be proud of it fire department, which, many hold, stands sec ond to none in the South. The departmen now consists of 7 up-to-date and modern fire houses, with the following apparatus: Engines 8, of which seven are in service and one ii…

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