New York State Fire News.

Issue 16 and Volume 45.

New York State Fire News. at all events, slow-burning. With these experiences and that of the recent conflagration, it is not surprising to learn that the State Board’ of Underwriters has put an advance of $2.50 per $1,000 on the city’s insurance rates. This applies to all new policies and renewals, and the advance was made on the day of the big fire, in older to awaken property owners to the dangers of fires of incendiary origin, of which there have been so many in the city this year. The increase applies only to the congested business districts. As Fire Commissioner David Isaacs, of Niagara Falls, was speeding to a fire in his automobile and turning the corner from Main street into Falls street, a woman essayed to cross in front of him. To avoid running her down he swung wide, and before he could control his machine sufficiently, it…

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