Issue 17 and Volume 45.

WATERWORKS BIDS OPENED HUBBARD, Tex.—A contract has been awarded to G. T. Blackford, Nashville, Tenn., to build a waterworks system and electric light plant at $499,550. NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Bids for 1,041 tons 18-in., 580 tons 16-in. and 210 tons 6-in. c. i. pipe have been received as follows: The United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry company (awarded contract), at $22.60; Dimmick Pipe company, Birmingham, Ala, $23.80, and R. D. Wood & Co., of Philadelphia, Pa., $27.70. BURLINGTON, Vt.—The Combination Ladder company, of Providence, R. I., has been awarded a contract for a hook and ladder truck. BIG SPRINGS, Tex.—A contract has been awarded the Webb Motor Fire Apparatus co„ of Vincennes, Ind., for an automobile fire engine. ELDORA, Ia.—The Smedley Steam Pump company, of Dubuque, has been awarded a contract for the deep-well power pump-head, a 100-horsepower open heater and purifier and a strain boiler-feed pump, to be used at…

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