Book Reviews.

Issue 17 and Volume 45.

Book Reviews. Sanitation and Sanitary Engineering: By Wm. Paul Gerhard, C.E. Second Revised and Enlarged Edition of Sanitary Engineering. New York: Published by the Author, 33 Union Square, 1909. Mr. Gerhard is well known as a consulting engineer for hydraulic and sanitary works, and his reputation as such has been recognised by the American Public Health association, the American Institute of Architects, the American Society of Mechanical Engineering and other kindred organisations of which he is a member. His recently revised and enlarged edition of “Sanitation and Sanitary Engineering,” therefore, comes to the world with the added value of their imprimatur—if, indeed, that were needed. The book is divided into five principal sections, respectively headed: “Sanitary engineering: the profession and its practice”; “The work of the sanitary engineer in time of epidemics and war and in sudden calamities of civic life”: “A half Century of sanitation—1850-1900”: “Sanitation in Greater New…

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