Anti-Freezing Mixture.

Issue 17 and Volume 45.

Anti-Freezing Mixture. A calcium chloride solution for automatic sprinkler system is used to withstand temperatures as low as 2° Eahr. It has been employed in the place of compressed air as a preventive of freezing for four winters in unheated warehouses in Detroit. While the co-efficient of expansion of the solution is high, no trouble is experienced therefrom, as networks of small piping have considerable elasticity, and there are always small quantities of air trapped in the piping when being filled with the liquid. In till mg a sprinkler system with calcium chloride, it is first necessary to el rain all the fresh water out from above the check valve, as the calcium chloride is so much heavier than water that any water remaining in the pipe will be floated up into the small piping under the higher roofs, where it may freeze before it has had time to combine…

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