Issue 17 and Volume 45.

BRIEF HISTORY OF DETROIT WATER WORKS In 1853 the board of water commissioners of the city of Detroit, Mich., the oldest municipal department in the city, was created by act of legislature. Up to that time there was no lack of water, the river being always handy, and the compulsory fire bucket being always kept filled and ready for action, while public wells were provided and the town pump was always available. The quality of the water, however, did not stand in the same ratio as to excellence as its abundance, and, as the town grew, the inconveniences attaching to the existing methods of water supply began to make themselves felt. For instance, a tax of one dollar was imposed for the privilege of taking water from the wharf. The townspeople, therefore, in order to better things, called a meeting on June 1, 1822, the object of which was to…

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