Air-Pressure For Tires.

Issue 17 and Volume 45.

Air-Pressure For Tires. The Firestone Tire and Rubber company has issued the following instructions as to inflating tires; “The recently adopted practice of branding the required air-pressure on all tires of 3 1/2 in. and over is meeting with great favor among men who pay tire bills. An account of the great damage done to tires by running them improperly inflated, a regular fixed schedule of air-pressures has been computed, based upon the size of tire and weight of load. This has been improved upon by branding the air-pressure on the side of Firestone tires, where the chauffeur can see it staring him in the face every time he applies the pump. The recommended airpressures which are thus moulded into the tires are as follows; For tires, 60 lb.; for 4-in. tires, 75 lb.: for 4‘/2-in. tires, 85 lb.; for 5-in. tires, 90 lb., and for 5½-⅛. tires 95 lb.…

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