Louisville Waterworks.

Issue 17 and Volume 45.

Louisville Waterworks. The Louisville, Ky., Herald, adverting editorially to the prosperous state of the local waterworks system under President Zorn’s administration, says: “There has been a material reduction in some of the controlable expenditure, and a most gratifying increase in revenue. Gradually the board has been placing the extensive plant under its care in a condition that will make it absolutely dependable and insure protection against the greatest of municipal disasters, a water famine. Moneyspent in this way is wisely spent, and the benefit of it will accrue to the city through years to come. There has been no reduction in rates, chiefly owing to this cause. On the other hand, the rates have not been raised. It is probable that they will have to be continued at the present figure for some time to come in order to make provision for additional cost of placing the plant in perfect…

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