Escaping From Fire.

Issue 17 and Volume 45.

Escaping From Fire. The Fire Marshals’ Association of America has published the following hints as to what to do in case of fire: “One’s ability to extinguish a starting fire, or to escape if caught in a burn ing building, depends upon intelligence and self control. If the blaze is just starting, throw water on the material that is burning—not at the blaze. One bucket of water will do more good, if thrown on by handfuls or with a broom, than if dashed on at onre. A small fire may be smothered with a rug or blanket, or beaten out with a broom. If you cannot put out the starting fire in a minute, yell ‘fire!’ and then, if in a city, call the fire department. Every one living in the house should know the telephone number to be used for getting the firemen, and it should be on the…

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