Issue 17 and Volume 45.

METERAGE At Lawrence, Mass., there is a total number of services in use of 6,970, of which 6,220 are metered, 199 having been installed during the past year. They include the following: One thousand two hundred and thirty-three Nash A.; 992 Nash A. A.; 952 Crown; 812 Lambert; 574 Thomson; 449 Trident; 419 Nash; 372 Nash A. A. X.; 113 Mersey Disk; 107 Hersey Disk M. F.; 61 Niagara: 55 rotary and other makes. Wilmington, Del., recently installed 12 meters and repaired 23 during one week. A McKeesport, Pa., dispatch states that property owners who have formerly permitted tenants to use outside hydrants are having them closed. The new rate for hydrants is $20. About 50 hydrants have been removed and meters installed. It is believed that the cost of the elimination of a hydrant and the installation of a meter can be saved in one year. With the hydrants…

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