Pipe Line System of Baltimore.

Issue 18 and Volume 45.

Pipe Line System of Baltimore. That a complete pipe-line system is more than ever needed for Baltimore was shown by the 2 recent dangerous fires in the business center of the city, which broke out on the same day and called for the services of nearly every engine in the fire department. If another big fire had broken out, it would have been very difficult, possibly impossible, to check it. The proposed system will include all the business section between Eutaw street on the west, Jones’ falls on the east, the harbor on the south, and Franklin street on the north. In this section are comprised most of the theatres, hotels and office buildings in the city, and a great many manufacturing and commercial establishments. The system will be an independent line of pipes, with a pressure of 300 lb. at every plug. This pressure will throw a solid stream…

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