Issue 18 and Volume 45.

CORRESPONDENCE. SHOULD METERS BE INSTALLED. Editor FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. In the city where I live there has been considerable discussion as to whether or not meters should be installed in every case—at present there are none in service. There is no lack of water, and so far as foreseen, the supply is inexhaustible. But there is a deal of waste, owing to the reckless prodigality of some consumers, the carelessness as to plumbing on the part of others and acknowledged leakage in the mains. For the latter, of course, the city authorities are to blame, and it is up to them to remedy it. It is also up to them to put down the waste from other causes, as it forces the small consumer to pay for the extravagance and neglect of those who waste the water, or arc the cause of its waste through carelessness about having the…

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