Carbondale Fire Report.

Issue 18 and Volume 45.

Carbondale Fire Report. According to the report of Chief Thomas E. Campbell, of Carbondale, Pa., out of forty-two alarms sent iu seven were false. The estimated loss by fire and water from the thirty-five alarms is $5,040. Taking out the 4 heaviest fires the loss for thirty-one alarms did not reach $200. In Carbondale are 4 fire stations—namely: The Columbia hose company No. 5, John T. Loftus captain, E. J. Healey first lieutenant, M. J. Corden second lieutenant; the Andrew Mitchell hose company No. 1, Sam Vail, foreman; H. B. Lewis, first assistant, William White, second assistant; the Hendrick hook and ladder and chemical company No. 4, A. L. Sahm, foreman, L. N. Burdick, first assistant, Arthur Ulmer, second assistant. The cottage hose company No. 2 (reorganised), Joseph Horte, foreman, Luke Hearn, first assistant. P. H. Gilleran is superintendent of the fire alarm system. The department has no district chiefs…

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