Southern Fire Waste Heavy.

Issue 18 and Volume 45.

Southern Fire Waste Heavy. In the Southern States the fire waste for the month of March of this year amounted to $3,549,000, in which is not included the loss accruing from fires where the damage was less than $10,000. To the total above recorded two States, Texas and Kentucky, alone contributed an aggregate loss of nearly one-third of the whole, the figures being $902,000 for Texas and $900,000 for Kentucky. Next in order of destructiveness come the other ten : Florida, $521,000; South Carolina, $248,000; Louisiana, $237,000; Alabama, $155,000: Mississippi, $135,000; Arkansas, $130.000; Georgia, $123,000: North Carolina, $74,000; Virginia, $73,000: Tennessee. $55,000—making a total of $11,191,000 for the first three months of 1909, as against $9,362,000 during the corresponding period of 1908.

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